2yo’s of 2022 Thoroughbred Archives UK -SA


Line 1)Horse name
Line 2)Jockey Trainer
Line 3)SIRE /DAM
1) Amaretti Virginia-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
P Dobbs-Richard Hannon
Mehmas (IRE)Soft Power (IRE)
I think this horse is much better than the debut? looked like it was a learning experience and they may have targetted the national stakes, hold up tactics suit this track if the pace is anything decent- likely winner if getting a pace to aim at?
2) Angelic Divas-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
Rossa Ryan-Roger Teal
Ardad (IRE)Low Cut Affair (IRE)
ran great on debut in a race I have rated higher than official, Track here is kinda similar, I want to see the horse stalk the pace and i think will win cosy? it just depends if the trainer has thoughts on this race or has targeted another race which I think can win, the horse pedigree brief by myself was also decent to see pedigree briefs on MAY 1ST
3) Beautiful Aisling-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
David Egan-Simon & Ed Crisford
Havana Gold (IRE)Liberty Lady (IRE)
SPEEDY Sort on paper, may need a turning track? can’t rule out going well has the credentials if lacking experience which properly just needs? although foaling early helps
4) Chasseral-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D Probert-Andrew Balding
Exceed And Excel (AUS)Swiss Range (GB)
dam seemed to like the Newmarket-smart family, this horse will win races possibly back at Newmarket? I’m just not certain those forcing tactics can work here you quickly run out of steam on this track close home, I like the Horse dont get me wrong i just dont like the price against one i think is better also that race at Newmarket was rated 9lbs to high by the winner in my estimations? line has a message it’s good but not outstanding a winner from the race in an ordinary race at Hamilton and a second well beat at Bath, probably will run to 92 here if she doesn’t lead and stalks then maybe bet the horse in running
5) Cuban Mistress-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
R Coakley-Brian Millman
Havana Grey (GB)Secret Romance (GB)
The debut wasn’t ready and can Improve here, I think the Salisbury race is the best line just over the Newmarket race??? if you don’t agree then stick your guns and this horse is bred to win a race or two and has speed if not here then watch when or if this horse runs at Bath or Chepstow late on or back at Salisbury more like, I like this Horse too will win races for us. include in exotics. could surprise here?
6) Destiny’s Spirit-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
P J McDonald-Dominic F Davis
Lightning Spear (GB)Ellen Gates (GB)
not that bad on pedigree possibly find a small seller/ nursery at Goodwood Brighton Epsom later on, a good track here to learn for those tracks.
7) Lady Miller-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
S M Levey-Brian Meehan
Tamayuz (GB)Holiday Girl (IRE)
Should improve over the yr as the trips get stretched out, you’d like to think she looks like her grandmother and then we have a winner, the stallion gets a lot of older types to win handicaps 6f to over a mile, and there’s stamina on the bottom to be a 67 75 type later on, and there’s always hope you get a freak of nature that’s better than the family and faster, I can remember one such horse oh about 30yrs ago trained by Bill Mckeowan, Fallon rode it to win 3 races 5f 6f-then it was sold to America made the owner a million quid, can’t think of its name now??
8) She’s A Rocket-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
W Buick-George Boughey
Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Ticktocks (GB)
2nd dam won at Bath 89 5f-foaled some fast sibs, one to note nonetheless my only worry is the More they point you to the Jockey Booking the less he wins and is probably filling the coffers of the bookie for an upcoming weekend for Godolphin winners? they have lined up, these people aren’t daft and need to balance the books?

9) Spin on Top-Gray, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
H Turner-Gay Kelleway
Muhaarar (GB)Spinacre (IRE)
Has the Profile for a track like this, Yard has a decent yardstick in a 2yo winner what I gave a Brilliant brief to and won at decent odds on debut and won again possibly need this like the page says Memers see tip in members public see tip in video snap on Twitter @FlatracinGuruUK
Line 1)Horse name
Line 2)Jockey Trainer
Line 3)SIRE /DAM
1) Changing Colours-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
W Buick-Charlie Appleby
Dubawi (IRE)Blossomtime (GB) (foaling mid to late)
Looks a Coventry type on paper possibly we have two Royal Ascot winners or placed at the least in this very race? you got to like this Horse on paper, dam 2nd dam 3rd dam and on all winners on debut loads of 6f speed, sibs all winners offer high figs -if I was writing a book I would detail all winners and names of races won pedigrees of winners but hence this is called a brief, so the public can follow quickly- in the pages at a high level smart exciting type, I can guarantee you whatever this horse does today it will Improve 2 stones this yr-even if this horse doesn’t win don’t give up sometimes these types that are special don’t win on debut due to foaling dates? hence they just need that experience? after race notes- looked average size wise and maybe wont win at Royal ascot due to the size unless gets a growth spurt because they are still growing at this time?
2) Faisal Road-Gray, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
J Mitchell-John & Thady Gosden
Kodiac (GB)Harrana (IRE)
Mid-April foal 2nd dam a winner looks one for a race of this nature 2nd start 3rd start maybe? this trainer can prep them and catch the market out? normally pre-trained by MALCOLM BASTARD-VENDOR PRE Trainer so they know their jobs
3) Finn’s Charm-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
J Fanning-Charlie & Mark Johnston
Kingman (GB)Annabelle’s Charm (IRE)
half-brother to Charming thought 114rpr- dam a winner 3rd start wasn’t trained by a debut trainer so that’s a positive here, looks like has some speed in the page but may lack early? the trainer does get these to go from the gate and could be hard to peg back if relaxes on the lead? just depends sometimes this trainer is conditioning for a second start these days?
4) Manwhothinkshecan-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
H Doyle-Ed Dunlop
Starspangledbanner (AUS)Tammy Wynette (IRE)
could run to a 78 today based on natural improvement and that won’t be good enough against a horse who could break 90 rpr on debut?
5) Pocket the Packet-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
M Crehan-George Boughey
Mayson (GB)Oakley Star (GB)
Breeze up buy, will know it the job?, name, is interesting must be fast? however, I’m not that into Mayson as a stallion they seem to take time for me some do well early but overall they need time? probably why this horse has breezed to learn its job so that possibly negates the sires, influence on debut?
6) Think Climate-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
C Shepherd-Jane Chapple-Hyam
Exceed And Excel (AUS)Whazzat (GB)
I love this Horse on Paper early foal Bred to win a Royal Ascot Race possible the Chesham like the Mother, Fantastic pedigree all around and possibly the winner of this race
Notes I am always late because I have a real job and this work is exhausting on top of my day job I get no money or funds for doing this- its purely for the love of 2yos- I also have to run a daily info service with twenty members who need winners daily so it’s hard doing everything and having time for my Kids-
Line 1)Horse name
Line 2)Jockey Trainer
Line 3)SIRE /DAM
1) Montelusa-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
D Allan-Tim Easterby
Washington Dc (IRE)Rose Eclair (GB)
Ran well on the second start, trainer the sort to make you think will be running for a mark but have it prepped to win, can possibly get an 80 rpr here and that may win this?
2) Diamond Dandy-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
P Mulrennan-Jim Goldie
Dandy Man (IRE)Saga Celebre (FR)
one for handicaps may be trainer does well here so can’t rule out and not a bad pedigree for this race type maybe needs another furlong?
3) Girl Magic-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
Rossa Ryan-Alice Haynes
Havana Grey (GB)Blithe Spirit (GB)
dam improved 30ibs from debut to win her second start Looks like this horse could do the same
4) Green Zabeel-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
J Hart-Charlie & Mark Johnston
Oasis Dream (GB)Green Swallow (FR)
not a bad sort on paper sure to win a race? depends if the trainer has prepped for a debut or second start?
5) Bon Marine-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
C Lee-Karl Burke
Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Marinebird (IRE)
Interesting Pedigree, sent to speed could be useful
6) Georgiava-Gray, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
S James-Karl Burke
Havana Grey (GB)Shohrah (IRE)
2nd dam won on debut 86, looks like one to note, a possible winner

Line 1)Horse name
Line 2)Jockey Trainer
Line 3)SIRE /DAM
1) Land of Summer-Brown, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
P Dobbs-Richard Hannon
Clodovil (IRE)Deora De (GB)
Looks like a Brighton Horse the family loved that track also I still think can run just as well going this war around and allweather tapeta and usually they will come on again from this yard-
2) Arlecchino’s Star-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D Probert-Mark Usher
Zoustar (AUS)Sandy Cay
Dam won over 7f here, trainer is not known for 2yo debut winners- but is capable so why not? this track but without favs maybe grabbing a place would be interesting for this. not a bad pedigree either could be something from 60 to 85
3)Hill Cove-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
J Crowley-Joseph Tuite
Havana Gold (IRE)Air Stricker (FR)
Interesting sort one for further but could be trained to go faster I see it in the pages, its probably going to run at 2 so x with a conditioner = something?? if its left at the start then it cant win I dont think. would need to know its jobs from the gate? if close up then bet in running
4) Mai Alward-Bay or Brown, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D Muscutt-Kevin Philippar De Foy
Havana Grey (GB)Livella Fella (IRE)
speed in the pedigree and ran last on debut possibly can run to around 68 rpr when handicapped add the difference to the weight she carries example 8 stone 5 lbs add 23 ilbs which gives the difference to weight carry and ceiling of 10 stones =91 that’s an example only it depends on the weight allotted for that race then we can handicap the horse correctly for this race each race will be a different number on category. give the winner a penalty even if an aprentice race seller because win means Improvement at some level
5) Mont Champs-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D E Hogan-Michael Bell
Exceed And Excel (AUS)Voge (IRE)
ran a 68 rpr over CD lAST DAY possibly eek out another 3ilbs for a length? that’s 83 here carrying 9 stones .2lbs- add 12 to 71 now think is there a better number in here possibly on breeding or profile on runs to pedigree? there are two proper conditioners in this race so I always look at those trainers first despite any pedigree or runs i know they could get one to run best
6) Poppy FieldBay, Filly, 2 yrs
(IRE)-C Bishop-Eve J-Houghton
James Garfield (IRE)Coup De Main (IRE)
maybe had a setback on debut very interesting pedigree Nanna was a grp 1 winner over 7f and the pages are staked with class on the Bottom 2nd 3rd and aunt uncles sibs- should go close if not being prepped for nurseries
7) Speriamo
Gray, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-S M Levey-Phillip McBride
Outstrip (GB)Suerte Loca (IRE)
could possibly run to 77 here: there were two races on her debut run the winner and the rest she was 3rd not beaten far and could be a winner take out Primrose Ridge trained by Darryl Holland/.
8) Stintino Sunset-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
T Whelan-Julia Feilden
Twilight Son (GB)Sunset Kitty
The dam was a Polytrack winner- If I was the trainer i would have this Horse conditioned to the minute and treat this race like the cup final of its life because this race won’t take any winning and you know what the trainer won’t have done any of that? it’s so annoying has the pedigree to actually win this race, they’re probably looking at its 4yo 5yo career already- I constantly argue with my racing manager on how British trainers train compared to US South African trainers- these horses are actually prepping in a race and its wrong? in the US they get all the prep they need on track daily from the stalls and we just don’t do that here is is an absolute crime on the Horse and punter
9) Zara’s Return-Brown, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D Keenan-William Stone
Zarak (FR)Quandreviendrastu (IRE)
ran 25 rpr on debut and will need to do better but as I said previous these races are used as preps for there 4 5yo careers as they don’t ask them to race until then with these pedigrees and I think it’s been put into their minds for centuries in the UK olden ways olden days.

Pedigree Briefs May 17 NOTTINGHAM Race 1British Stallion Studs EBF Maiden Stakes 6f
Line 1)Horse name
Line 2)Jockey Trainer
Line 3)SIRE /DAM
1) Cold Case-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
A Atzeni-Karl Burke
Showcasing (GB)Killermont Street (IRE)
Early foal, dam 7f 1M AW winner Tapeta cost 160,000gns as a yearling
2)-Courageous Knight-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
W Buick-Charlie Appleby
Dubawi (IRE) Spring Mist (GB)
Early foal, dam 1m 9f winner but theirs plenty of speed in the pedigree
3) Garner-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
R L Moore-Harry & Roger Charlton
Recorder (GB)Dawn Glory (GB)
The whole family was trained by this trainer so he knows what he’s doing, 2nd dam was very smart looks like a nice prospect, and ran 66 on debut but that is normal with this trainer they will improve a stone plus as they go on?
4) Grey’s Monument-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
R Hornby-Ralph Beckett
Territories (IRE)Matron Of Honour (IRE)
Form boosted 4ibs from Windsor race should run to a 90 rpr carrying 9.7 that’s 83 off 9 stone 7 ilbs? this 6f will suit probably better over 7f a mile later on
5) Harlem Nights-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
P J McDonald-James Horton
Dark Angel (IRE)Elusive Beauty (IRE)
£120,000 yearling; dam 6f-7f winner (including 2yo/Listed); brings potential to debut, dam needed debut run but was a late foal this is an early foal and theirs speed here at a nice level, 25/1 seems an Insult to be honest, should go well
6) Maxi King-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
Rossa Ryan-David Loughnane
Belardo (IRE)Pardoven (IRE)
early enough foal, half brother won a group 3 at York over 6f 3rd run, Smart Prospect, one for Royal ascot Coventry stakes perhaps? one to follow
7) Silencer-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
C Fallon-Richard Hannon
Kessaar (IRE)Lady Lizabeth (IRE)
Showed good paces at the Breeze ups cost 160 k- one to note in running
8) Snuggle
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
T Marquand
Ed Walker
Showcasing (GB)Under The Covers (GB)
early foal, plenty of speed dam was a late foal won at 3 over sprint trips off high figs: no reason this horse cannot win this race based on speed source class and foaling? watch market this depends on trainer getting this ready>> a trainer that has Improved massive over the past ten yrs
9) Tarlo-Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)
S De Sousa-Simon & Ed Crisford
Kodiac (GB)Pious Alexander (IRE)
March foal, half brother won on the 2nd start 88rpr- dam won 5th start 74 decent enough family could be anything from 70 to 90
10) Unlimited DataBay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
L Edmunds-William Muir & Grassick
Tasleet (GB)Midnight Sky (GB)
April foal from a very speed family dam 2nd dam bred fast horses they usually progress as they race 5f nursery type 70 80

PEDIGREE BRIEFS, MAY 16-REDCAR-which are EBF eligible, which are in Band D 6F> RACE 4
1>A Day to Dream
Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Adaay (IRE)Tara Too (IRE)(FOALING LATE)
half bro to 4 winners, Gelded Dam was pretty speedy and went close to winning off a decent figure on debut, 33/1 seems big in the race of this nature? this is a decent page for the race, and has enough speed, probably will need the run due to foaling and been gelded, in many countries gelded is positive except in the UK for some reason?
2>Dante Star
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Dandy Man (IRE)Shesastar (GB)
 Finished a 14l last of ten at Thirsk (5f, good to firm) on his debut 16 days ago
3>Fiery Bond
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Dragon Pulse (IRE)Bond’s Girl (GB)(foaling early to mid)
the dam was fast and won her first two races, sent to Dragon Pulse which for me looks a good move, Looks like a danger to being a debut winner on paper trainers 2yos starting to operate now
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Dragon Pulse (IRE)Sensational Samba (IRE)
Well held in two runs over 5f at Beverley and it was a backward step last time, debut of 70 is possibly his mark for handicaps
Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Camacho (GB)Our Valkyrie (IRE)
Made an encouraging start at Pontefract and could be dangerous on this step up in trip- see pedigree briefs I tipped the winner of this race and it was an OK Race forms should be capable of 76 in nurseries with expected improvement
6>Legend of Xanadu
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Sixties Icon (GB)Tanojin (IRE)
see pedigree briefsRPR of 72 in all three runs and he had a near-miss last time; big player again up in trip- ran in an ok Race obvious win chance yet vulnerable to something decent?
7>Little Edi
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Rajasinghe (IRE)Oneroa (IRE)( foaling early)
2nd dam was fast dam won over 7f on the AW not a bad sort on paper
8>Prairie Falcon
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Belardo (IRE)New Falcon (IRE)( foaling early to mid)
Plenty of speed on the page, could go well here looks one to follow in northern races if no win today
9>Rievaulx Raver
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Elzaam (AUS)Juste Pour Moi (IRE)
was always in the rear before finishing a ninth of ten on the first run
10>Bara Lacha
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Mondialiste (IRE)Indrahar (IRE)
looks a 70 type for nurseries based on the first run
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Fountain Of Youth (IRE)Shamrock Sheila (IRE)
dam had speed won a claimer and a seller 5th 6th go, a 65 type in nurseries
MEMBERS TIP >>>6-5- Exacta >> superfecta Quartet 6-5-3-1

Pedigree Briefs May 16 CARLISE>> RACE 1
1)Al Hitmi
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Harry Angel (IRE) Azma(foaling late)
dam won on debut in December -was a late foal too, this over a mile. 2nd dam Dyne Destiny (by Dynaformer) was a decent listed winner in the states and possessed speed- the uphill should suit, trainer often brings a good one to this venue?
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Dark Angel (IRE)Lady Springbank (IRE)( foaling mid to late)
half bro to winners- the dam was pretty fast 6f. paired with more speed here and mid to late foal is the only concern, other than that, should go very well
3)Monte Forte
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Cotai Glory (GB)Miss Poppy (GB)(foaling early)
Dam was a late foal, 2nd dam mother of Kylachy and was fast herself- this foal is early and maybe that’s the key to the family? related to numerous winners, best 125 rpr- early money but stables 2yos needing their first runs so far?
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Kodiac (GB)Capriole (GB)(foaling mid to late)
 95,000euros yearling; should have a future but she’s likely to improve for this first run
Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE-SIRE / DAM-Dragon Pulse (IRE)Dixiedoodledandy (IRE)
13,000euros yearling; dam placed 5f/6f (RPR 63); others make a greater appeal on paper
6) Queen of Deauville
Gray, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Showcasing (GB)Syann (IRE)(foaling early)
early foal dam was more of a stamina source, sent to speed> sire? maybe had a setback one that should have run in March or April maybe? could be useful- if Leads the race early will be hard to get past?

PEDIGREE BRIEFS, MAY 16- WINDSOR- British Stallion Studs EBF Restricted Novice Stakes 6F> RACE 2
1>Betweenthesticks-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
S De Sousa
Mick Channon
Captain Gerrard (IRE)Jollyhockeysticks (GB)
Ran well at Brighton and in a race I marked up even before the race I gave some decent briefs so I know it is a race to follow and as far as fast as Mustango the 2nds run last time that race was a joke, many non-tryers? allowed a false fav backed by the trainers to win? and the horse needs 7f as I stated after the race and before?
2>Coco Jack-Black, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)
D Keenan
George Scott
Wings Of Eagles (FR)Bright Morning
half bro to 79 rpr winner ordinary pages trainer does well with these
3>Diomed Spirit-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
M Ghiani
Stuart Williams
Charm Spirit (IRE)Dainty Dandy (IRE)
inbred- 2nd dam winner, not a bad sort on paper,
4>J J Stingleton-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
J F Egan
Dominic F Davis
Washington Dc (IRE)Bee Ina Bonnet (GB)
 16,000gns yearling; the yard is 0-46 with 2yos in last five seasons
5>Kuwait City-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
H Doyle
John Butler
Pearl Secret (GB)Ahaaly (GB)
 11,000euros yearling; stable has modest strike rate with 2yos
6>Mister X-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
T Marquand
Stuart Williams
Profitable (IRE)Capote West
 £2,000 2yo, aw Nursery type
7>Panama-Chestnut, Gelding, 2 yrs (GB)
J Mitchell
Roger Teal
Havana Grey (GB)Azure Amour (IRE)
 Eyecatching third over 5f at Bath two weeks ago, finishing well; respected- normal improvement can run 87 today if 14 days is enough time between drinks? and form from Bath can transfer?
8>Approach Glory-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
Dayverson De Barros
Amy Murphy
Cotai Glory (GB)Misty Dawn (IRE)
could run to 83 rpr today if normal improves from the first run, that would get a place here at big odds
9>Menalippe-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
D Muscutt
James Ferguson
Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Scarlet Wings (GB)
15,000gns yearling; trainer has a respectable strike-rate with 2yos; one to consider
10>Mia Paradis-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
Jefferson Smith
John Butler
Aclaim (IRE)Forgotten Paradise (GB)
1,000gns yearling; stable also run Kuwait City; the market can guide
11>Munch-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
D Probert
David Menuisier
New Bay (GB)Madernia (IRE)
 13,000euros yearling; yard’s first 2yo runner of the campaign; check the betting
12>Princess Naomi
Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
David Egan
Brian Millman
Master Carpenter (IRE)Achianna
Finished last of nine at Salisbury two weeks ago, surely can do better in time
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
R Coakley
Brian Millman
Massaat (IRE)Limegrove (GB)
Late foal, the dam was speedy set to do better after run due to late foaling -one to watch in this type of race- Trainer can prep>one
Members bet PRINCESS NAOMI 40/1 EWAY EXTRA 5 PLACES >>12-7-1-8 =24 TRICASTS

Pedigree Briefs May 16-LEICESTER -RACE 1
1)Queen’s Eyot-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-
Belardo (IRE)Kodiac Island (GB)
3RD DAM GRP 3 Winner,
2)Confederation-Gray, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-
Brazen Beau (AUS)My Angel (GB)
Sets the standard on either of his two runner-up finishes runs offer 89 rpr today
3)KingsburyBay- Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Without Doubt (IRE)
with normal improvement should run to near 86 rpr today carrying 9.5
4)Padre Daniele-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-
Adaay (IRE)Noble Cause (GB)
 Late-foaled 1,500gns yearling who holds no notable entries; is a rare 2yo for his yard-
5)Sherman Klumpf-Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-Profitable (IRE)Frabrika (IRE)
Entitled to have come on for his Brighton debut but he finished well held that day, normal improvement will see a 79 run today
6) Rock Girl-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-
Profitable (IRE)Asking Price
Among the favourites both starts to date; the yard has been going well of late; the player, should run to 83 and get a handicap mark today
7) Union Court-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-
Havana Grey (GB)Fyxenna (GB)
18k buy, related to several winners through nanna more speed added could be anything from 60 to 90
8) Sassy Redhead-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-Harry Angel (IRE)Passcode (GB)>>> 70 rpr type needs a mark today
9)Tagline-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-Havana Grey (GB)
Terse (GB)  Late foal who’s only recently turned two; yard yet to get on the board with 2yos this year, nursery type at chepstow Salisbury later in the yr?

Hi, we’ve already done most of these runners’ pedigree briefs on debut below video archives, So its another marker race for Royal Ascot National stakes super sprint possibly with some of the placers, I Like most of the runners so far and would say up to now most of these have a chance if they’ve been conditioned for today’s race the best? However, I will just tip the race instead of going through each horse all over again as I’ve already done that in the briefs
TIP >> #16 YAHSAAT- 7/1 I do like most of these so I’m just thinking Yahsaat can improve again today, although Radio Goo Goo did nothing for the form I think that Horse didnt run its race and the winner KATEY-KONTENT could be ROYAL ASCOT winner or National Stakes at Sandown Winner?? MIAMI GIRL looks a decent sort for Royal ascot I JUST DONT LIKE 5/2 in a race like today’s on a flat track, if you train up a hill like some>>North yorks or Newmarket they’re using different muscles and York catches them out?
EWAYS CHANCES >> CARMELIA- I have always said watch Yarmouth 2yo form for the season each yr for the past oh long time many yrs? EWAY>>JUNGLE TIME -JUMBEAU-PRIMROSE RIDGE, I tipped all of these to win on Debut or close to winning and gave them all decent briefs before they ran

WIN =#8 MYSTERIOUS NIGHT best by page

each way extra by page nos 3-6-15-5 can all go well by pages on debut that progeny have decent pages and speed

1>Bolt of Thunder-Gray, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-DAM/SIRE–Kessaar (IRE)Hope And Faith (IRE)
ok pedigree, last on debut in an OK Race see pedigree briefs -lots of money is strange from a non-gambling setup, maybe a rumour who knows? I cant see this winning but I’m wrong a lot
2>Indian Dream-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-DAM/SIRE-Sioux NationCynthia Calhoun (GB)(foaling early)
2nd dam was pretty useful 5f speed and a winner with good figs could be pretty speedy?- plenty of positives
3>Taritino-Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)-DAM/SIRE-Buratino (IRE)Archange (FR)(foaling early)
gelded but plenty of speed on the bottom, trainer usually has them straight enough on debut and should go close to winning this-pedigree figs well capable of matching most of these?
4>Harry the Haggler-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-DAM/SIRE–Gleneagles (IRE)Tears In My Eyes (IRE)
enough speed in the pages but I think this horse could be one to note for a Nursery at Chelmsford, I would be interested in the size of this Horse and if he has a decent long stride pattern then id say he could possibly win but it a see to believe a thing, I have got all the contacts and a lot of the passwords for the gallop videos but I just haven’t got the time to do all of that too? I may make a page with all that contact info I have for you all to do your own research
5>Centre Court-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (FR)-DAM/SIRE–Showcasing (GB)Game Zone (IRE)
decent pedigree could go close on debut trainer usually mixing it up between debut and 2nd starters for conditioning.

RACE 6-2YO-6 F
1) Catch the Paddy-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)–SIRE / DAM-
No Nay NeverPandora’s Box (IRE)(Foaling late)
half-bro to a couple of winners- late foal who got plenty of stamina on the bottom- possibly showing speed to earn this entry but trainers’ horses are coming on for runs and hard to see why there is money for this one????
2) DraftedBay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)–SIRE / DAM-
Showcasing (GB)Flower Fashion (FR) (foaling early)
dam won on debut, some speed on the page but more of a 6 7f type 2yo on paper
3) Match Play-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)–SIRE / DAM-Dandy Man (IRE)Corazon Canarias (FR)
Dam won on the second start, and was fast, ran a great race on debut see pedigree briefs. likely to win or go close in this race
4) Mickey Mongoose-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Lope De Vega (IRE)Midnight Crossing (IRE)(foaling mid)
dam group placed a 7f winner, plenty of class on the pages- probably go well on an uphill finish, or switchback track like Goodwood Ascot Epsom? with a turn over 6f-Plus?
5) Papa Ricco-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-Almanzor (FR)Borja (IRE)(foaling mid)
dam 2nd dam placed from 8 races 5 races- 3rd dam grp 2 winner in Germany over Marathon trips- one for 7f as a 2yo Nursery type possibly?
6) Tantalus-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-
Kodiac (GB) Chatham Islands
£75,000 yearling; half-brother to five winners, the dam was an early foal but it took three races for here to show anything and win, although there’s a lot of speed on the Bottom, Could surprise at a big Price but Likley winner of a Nursery in due course?
7) Thunder Cat-Brown, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-
Roaring LionRich Legacy (IRE) (foaling early)
Dam winner at the first time of asking. smart sort grp 2 winners enough speed here to win on debut Dangerous sort to dismiss, Ascot type Chesham stakes possibly? Trainer on track and he doesn’t Like travelling far? I know he trained my horses 2015/16
8) Urban Dandy-Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-
Dandy Man (IRE)Pretty Pebble (IRE)-green and finished last of seven on last Tuesday’s debut at Wetherby- nursery type
9) Oh Sweet Tabu-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-
Zoustar (AUS)Threetimesalady (foaling mid) (GB) Dam Nursery winner- Sire is yet to make a massive impact in GB, (ITS GOING TO BE INTERESTING TO SEE WHAT KIND OF MARES WORK WITH HIM)
10) Queen Olly-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-DAM/SIRE-
No Nay NeverSurprisingly (IRE)-(foaling early) related to winners- Dam wasn’t trained to win races it looks to me-2nd Dam Loved York won on debut and was pretty smart and fast 112 rpr grp 3 winner- This trainer has been showing us how bloody good he is for the past few seasons and way before this going under the radar?
members tip Queen Olly and Matchplay= box>.Exacta

Pedigree Briefs May 11 YORK
1) Honour Your Dreams
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (FR)
two decent runs, given a good brief see briefs win chance yes, may need a nursery now?
2) King’s Crown
Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)
The best run-on debut looks like a sure-fire Nursery winner
3) Thunder Moor
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
Last, on debut from an annually good marking race, I gave this a great brief, I would forget the run and I’m almost sure will go close to the win here today
4) Urban Sprawl
Chestnut, Colt, 2 yrs (GB) SIRE/DAM Iffraaj (GB)City Glam (ARG) (foaling late)
Bred for the dirt of Meydan maybe? could have been showing something on the gallops, Interesting sort because I really Like Argentinian Bloodstock- I would make a note of the run
5) Zebadaay
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB) SIRE/DAM -Adaay (IRE)Springing Baroness (GB)(foaling early)
Not a bad sort, Interesting owners sent to O’meara as he’s a 2yo trainer and knows how to get them ready, plenty of speed on the Bottom and well worth a try here to win on debut
6) Harlingwold
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE) SIRE/DAM-(foaling mid to late)
half-sister to 3 winners 5f 6f best 97- dam developed into a smart sprinter 114 best rpr- Trainer may have prepared because he is a Rookie trainer in his first season so folly to dismiss at 40/1 because the filly has got a pedigree you can get ready the first day at school?
7) Mersea
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (FR) see pedigree briefs, definite win chances here after that last run
8) Starmas
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE) SIRE/DAM-Mehmas (IRE)Startori (GB) (foaling early)
half-sister to multiple winners – tons of toe on the Bottom and the stallion we now know upgrades his mares? Dangerous sort if prepped to win>> try
9) Talented-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-Ardad (IRE)Talent Spotter (GB) (foaling early to mid), not a bad pedigree sure to win races Trainer not known for debut winners but is the local track.
1>Al Khazneh
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Exceed And Excel (AUS)
Heartily (IRE)
well-bred and should go close -given a decent brief on debut-
2>Fumbleinthejungle-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-
Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Good Morning Lady (GB)
Homebred by a good speed source, looks experimental on breeding?
3> Rumstar-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE / DAM-
Havana Grey (GB)Stellarta (GB)
Decent debut sort to do well in this race
4> What A Dude
Bay, Gelding, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Kessaar (IRE)Balaawy (GB)
Debut, run is from a good line of form that will work out?? I am saying, folly to ignore here at 50/1 but more likely will win a Nursery from that debut run?
5> New Hope Bullet
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-New Bay (GB)Morning Frost (IRE)
Looked quite good on Debut in a decent enough race could win here
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Camacho (GB)Very Honest (IRE)
Sure to Improve from debut, it looked like there were loads left to offer and wasn’t ready?

Pedigree Briefs May 10 CHEPSTOW
See pedigree briefs April 13 6th in an OK Race at Beverly 9/4 is Ludicrous odds-SIGNIFICANT MONEY ????
2) Espirito
see pedigree brief April 16, Nursery type
3) Kessaar Power-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-
Kessaar (IRE)Lady Willpower (GB) (foaling early)
The trainer does run some of his better 2yos at this Track, Used to be a decent 2yo Trainer then started concentrating on the french provinces but is back making a decent go of it Legendary Trainer for me, why because he buys very cheaply and spots some cracking horses with the money he has? some times sell them off to the states for big profits, Dam was fast enough and won on the AW
4) Desperate Hero
Gray, Gelding, 2 yrs (GB)
SECOND, beaten 4.5 L by Rocket Rodney at Goodwood it was an Ordinary race,
5) Mustango
Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (GB)
Ran really well on debut and probably needs 6 f 7f but has the ability and should come on for the run possibly place win option
6) Girlswannahavefun
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
see Pedigree briefs For me is part of the best form in this race that the Salisbury race must be followed the Winner has boosted the form and Looks like a National stakes type or Royal ascot KATEY KONTENT
7) Tessa-Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-sire/dam-Havana Gold (IRE)Lovely Memory (IRE) Dam showed speed yet did not win. 2nd dam stamina source but was pretty smart 111 rpr group 1 group2 winner 10f
8) Cucumbear
Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE) DAM/SIRE-
Kodi Bear (IRE)Curcuma (FR) (foaling early) Dam winner full brother winner 2nd start went close on debut who was with a trainer who wasn’t a first-time trainer type? but can get the odd one ready this is a decent pedigree that could win on debut? win chances yes
9) Miss Moonshine-Gray, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)- DAM/SIRE-Outstrip (GB)Cajun Moon (GB)
Beaten a long way on debut- surely better than that?
10) Wedgewood-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)- DAM/SIRE–Outstrip (GB)Gorgeous (FR)
Nursery type wasn’t a bad run on debut probably not targeted yet-

CATTERICK -MAY 9-Pedigree Briefs-
1) Candy Rain **-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
see Pedigree Briefs April 14-PART ONE VIDEO 4mins-30 secs in Bred to be speedy but wasn’t ready on Debut slow away didn’t know what to do so must Improve a fair bit here?
2) Fragrance **-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)
Gave a good shout on Debut and I think I tipped this horse to win, see Pedigree’s brief disappointing run at Ascot, to be Honest? see part one and part two pedigree brief April 14/27- Nursery type don’t go in if this is short-priced in betting?
3) Havana Angel **-Gray or Roan, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
Unsuited by the Undulations of Ripon Last time shown enough in two runs to go close, see Pedigree briefs May 6
4) Heathcliff’s Girl ***
Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE / DAM-Starspangledbanner (AUS)Moonlight Bay (GB) (foaling Mid)
Dam won on debut she was an early foal- won a 26k Nursery offer 95 rpr. three winning sibs all showed speed 80 90 rpr types= 2nd dam also won on debut- ‘i’d be training this to go day one possible winner of this race? yes, no doubt it is ready?
5) Iato’s Angel-** Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM- Footstepsinthesand (GB)Ziggy’s Secret (GB) (Foaling early)
Half-sister to Ivasecret won 87, a full sister to He’zanarab 94 winner 6f-dam winner 5f 7f, 80 rpr type- plenty of speed in this family for Trainer Considering prepping for Debut- could surprise, another 5 winning sibs to the 2nd Dam. not a bad family overall – I would buy this Horse on the pages.
6) Lady Hollywood-**Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-
Havana Grey (GB)Dubai Legend (GB) (foaling mid to Late)
half-sister to two winners 7f 1m. 80s types-dam was Late and won races after several tries but did show speed on her second run over 6f at Windsor, probably lacking that extra kick to win at that distance? 25k paid possibly Nursery or auction type-may need this?
7) Northern Rose **
Chestnut, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)
AW may have unsuited on debut, not a bad family overall and could surprise -possibly Nursery type see pedigree brief video for debut bloodstock
Members tip Not a betting race Literally any of these can win today Id be Laying this fav at 6/5 may well win but after Liking Debut didn’t like the next run, although this turning track should suit >>6/5 is silly prices

Pedigree Briefs May 9 Musselburgh
1)Chattel Village **
Bay or Brown, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)
third on debut at Thirsk >>30 April, not a bad type but form for me is beatable
2) Finn Russell **
Brown, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-CaravaggioTawaareekh( late foal)
2nd dam winner 7f, the family have some speed but likely need 6 7f and a race or two still not a bad page.
3) Jungle Fever ****-Bay, Colt, 2 yrs (IRE) SIRE/DAM-Bungle Inthejungle (GB)Titian Saga (IRE)(foaling late) full Brother to Winter Power 119 RPR- speedy sorts (by BungleJungle) was trained by debut trainer but showed enough was a march foal and probably could have won early on? page is all speed Queen Mary type Albany Type- Hard to catch despite Late foaling this trainer!! it doesn’t matter?
4) Cathy Come Home **-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (GB)-SIRE/DAM-Expert Eye (GB)Beauty Salon (GB) (foaling mid)
some speed in the page but looks a miler, 7f nursery type this yr
5) Kodi Dancer **-Bay, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)-SIRE/DAM-
Kodiac (GB)Nijah (IRE) (foaling mid to late)
Dam 2nd Dam both won as three-yr os this horse does Look a 3yo type on paper but he must know more as he has some decent 2yos in his yard
6) Martha’s Moment **-BR, Filly, 2 yrs (IRE)SIRE/DAM-
Awtaad (IRE)Taarkod (IRE)
showed speed early on debut on the AW, folded away tamely sure to know more in time
MEMBERS TIP>>> JUNGLE FEVER 9/4 Latish foal but still the type for ROYAL ASCOT Speed TEST? SAVE 1/3 Exacta

2) KATEY KONTENT-National stakes type

Pedigree Briefs May



DEDICATED TO MY Boss and Horseracing Manager STEVE TAPLIN: His final 2yo Book after 38 editions and many yrs as Author of the Popular series of 2yo Books, just before he Passed Over I spoke to Him via WhatsApp call, His Parents were visiting him at the time! they must be quite Old as Steve was 65!! and asked him to give me a sign and to my utter shock and surprise I got that sign from him to let me know he’s still around, I won’t tell you what it was but my whole family saw it too and were in shock!! his 2019 Book was all ready to go but he was too Ill to complete it and Michael Owen and big Racehorse Owner Footballer had done the Foreword for the Book- SEE YA SOON MY FRIEND